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  Oak Park High School 1966-1967
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The picture is of me! I was a young, sweet girl, who was very naive about life. I'm delighted to see and be able to copy this picture. All my possessions, including picture albums, were stolen from my storage unit, when I was living in San Antonio, TX in 1986.

I enjoyed attending Oak Park High, and had planned to graduate from there. However, I got married fall of 1968, happily becoming Mrs. Rada. That, combined with being pregnant, I was forced to drop out. "Back then," that's the way it was. I'm proud to say that I completed High School, but at NKC High, in May of 1970.

Life didn't turn out the way I dreamt it would. Whose does? Some of our young dreams have a way of disappearing with the realities of life. I sadly left Missouri in 1979, after a surprise divorce. Devastated, I rebound (never wise to do) married in TX, and last name became Brown, had two more children, Divorced, and went back to maiden name of Alnutt. Then, I decided to legally change my last name to Lewis, and moved to California. Never married again. I worked as a Medical Transcriber for civil service, then the State, then went through training and became a Correctional Officer. I'm retired now. "I have," two teen daughters, and we live in Oregon.

I've been wanting to return to Missouri for years. I need to reconnect. I'm trying for summer 2008. I have to find an affordable apartment in the Oak Park School District first, and manage financially to move. I'd love for my youngest daughter, to be able to attend Oak Park High. Hopefully that is a dream I'll see come true.

Note: I was raised in Pleasant Valley, Missouri, and was known as Peggy Jennings, Foster daughter of Ross and Elma Jennings. They were legally too old to adopt me. He passed away in 1960, and she in 1976. I attended Maple Park Junior High, but had to go by my legal birth last name, Alnutt.

Hello to anyone who remembers me. Feel free to email me, Peggy (Alnutt) Lewis, at or
(Peggy Louise Alnutt)

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