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  Oak Park High School 1969-1970
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This 1968 Cambia was probably not Mr. Blair’s favorite book as described in the 1970 Cambia. His passion for making Oak Park’s “Log” newspaper excellent was shared by former and current students. Mr. Blair issued serious assignments and set required deadlines. Like many of the other teachers at Oak Park, he challenged us to be part of a larger team while building in each of us a solid foundation of social values and personal responsibility. Outside of classes, he encouraged us to lay claim to our dreams and make them into realities. I was very fortunate to have had him for an instructor and carried many of his lessons into my career. On Cambia signing day, one Log staffer jokingly added a spiked mustache to his photo emphasizing his “Frito Bandito” larger-than-life character we knew and treasured. The Frito Lay Company was forced to abandon the cartoon mascot in 1971. 1/28/2012
(Wayne Cope)

No, I don't think Lynn was too fond of Bell/Cambia! I remember all too well the...uh, tension between the Log and Cambia staffs. I'm sure the folks on the '70-71 Log staff with me remember the MOTHBALL incident, no?

One of the great pictures of Lynn, ever. Became a teacher myself largely due to his influence, and for that I will always be grateful. I think of him often, and with great fondness...
(Terry Shuman, Class of 1971)