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  Oak Park High School 1969-1970
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Connie Clemens ('70) is the bride.
(Mark Murtha)

Rick Holding and Connie Clemmons have been happily married for 37 years. Who knew at the time this picture was taken that they would actually become Husband and Wife in Real Life.
(Revena (Beanie Asby) Dawson)

This was a huge event. If Oak Park fantasized about having a King and Queen, then this was a royal wedding. Seniors talked about it for weeks in the hallways, on the stairs, and at Jim Gís Drive-In. Those who hadnít thought about marriage suddenly found themselves embracing the possibilities. And who among us couldnít, - a rare chance to really walk your high school sweetheart to the altar. These extraordinary moments inspired and united us. Our hearts leaped with joy for them.
I held another personal wonderful image of Rick and Connie a short time later. In my world, the distant drums of a war in Asia were calling, when by surprise, these two passed me in the parking lot at Maple Woods. There was no entourage, just two people who cared very much about each other walking slowly hand-in-hand to his Chevy. I doubt they even knew I was there. In the years that followed, I learned a solider doesnít need much, a little valor, a St Christopher for luck, and a dream to come home to. Rick and Connie graciously provided that dream. 2/14/2012

(Wayne Cope)

In 2017, Connie and I have been Married 46 years. I'm the luckiest guy in the world.
(Rick Holding)