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  Oak Park High School 1971-1972
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1st row (kneeling) - left: Susan Henry
(Russ Henry)

Tammy Krull, Barb Baker, ?, ?, ?, ?, Becky Mosley, ?, ? Cheryl White, Debbie Proffitt, ?
Kneeling: far right Melissa Rice
(Cheryl White 1973)

Tammy Krull, Barb Baker, Kay Harris, Debbie Rose, Susan Heerman, Gaye West, Becky Mosley, Jeanette Ramirez, Glenda Chaney, Cheryl White, Debbie Profitt, Carol Cummings. In front are Susan Henry, Jana Moody, and Melissa Rice
(Glenda Chaney Maddick-Staples)

standing 4th fr left, Debbie Rose
standing 6th fr left, Gaye West
(Laurie Lakin Meyer '72)

1st row kneeling left to right: Susan Henry, Janna Moody, Melissa Rice
(Christine Parrish 1973)

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